Cool clothing & accessories for warm climates

We live in south Texas where it's warm to hot 9 months of the year. With that in mind, we needed basics that are breathable, lightweight, and stylish enough to dress up or dress down while lasting through the heat.

Our eco-friendly, sustainable basics are good for people, the earth, and the skin. Our proprietary blend of TENCEL® and organic cotton keeps you cool and dry, feels like a perfect hug, and won't hold on to body odor. You can have it all.

Environmentally friendly.

Low toxicity solvents are used (and recycled to be used again) to produce the majority of our materials. Most pieces are also fully biodegradable.

Moisture wicking.

Our plant-based blends have natural breathability, and a high absorption rate—50% more than cotton.

Natural odor prevention.

Wear it again without washing! Because of its high moisture absorption rate, Bruce & Olive is also anti-bacterial. No synthetic fabrics means bacteria and odor don’t get trapped.

Temperature regulation.

Hot outside? No worries. The fibres in our blends, which contain water, have a high heat capacity. This helps regulate your body’s temperature when you start to sweat.

Easy on the skin.

Our smooth fibre surface feels soft and supple against the skin. Its incredible wicking abilities keep the skin dry, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Our supplier takes great pride in specializing in environmentally & socially responsible knit and woven textiles and strives to ensure that partner mills adhere to multiple global standards of environmental and social compliance including the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

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