Our Story

Our lives have always been incredibly active; it’s just how we operate. From workouts to work days to nights out to Saturday morning coffee strolls and everything in between, we live full lives, and we love it. But we encountered a problem.

Austin, Texas, our home, is above 90 degrees for three-quarters of the year, and we sweat actively. After more than a decade of living here, we found it harder and harder to consistently dress for different occasions, have a semblance of style, and still be comfortable. But it took a trip to South America, with nary a thing to pack, to really get us researching lightweight clothing.

During our long flight, we researched and found lots of brands with summer lines and lightweight pieces, but they were all seasonal. Outside of athletic apparel or an all-linen wardrobe, we couldn’t find a brand dedicated outright to lightweight clothing that felt stylish. So we decided to make one.

Sketching the initial designs for Bruce & Olive in a notebook, we started to visualize the kind of clothes that we knew we could wear with confidence from Monday to Sunday for whatever the day may bring. We wanted a variety of everyday, stylish basics that fit consistently, were light enough to wear throughout the year, and could be dressed up or dressed down

Bruce & Olive cultivates confidence through its material, fit, and wearability as a new kind of warm-weather clothing that doesn’t compromise style or comfort. Named after Bruce and Olive Hagen, our clothing pays homage to lives lived, and lives loved. Each piece is a celebration of their love story and adventurous spirits. So get out there, live your life, and wear clothing that looks and feels great when you put it on. No more hesitation.

Bruce and Olive would be so proud of you.


Be bold. Give light.  

–Killian & Breanne