Eastsider Muscle Tee

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Extra mobility for dancing, biking, or whatever you’re moving your arms for, this tank, complete with exaggerated arm holes, also works to flatter a man’s upper torso (looking good!) while slipping on and off easily.



Relaxed, and intended to flatter the average man’s body—broad chest, exaggerated arm holes that close right above any potential love handles, and a wide circumference at the bottom to allow for maximum flexibility and mobility. It’s a looser fit, so if you like your tees more fitted, we recommend sizing down. Nick is 6'1 and wearing a size M, but size S in onyx.



Wash in cold water with like colors. Hang dry or use the lowest setting on your dryer (delicate or tumble dry) and remove from dryer immediately.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Natural odor prevention
  • Moisture wicking
  • Less prone to wrinkles
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